Zapata County Museum of History announces the John "Johnny" Rathmell Plaza, construction of replica of the Old Zapata kiosko

More than 60 years ago, the original town of Zapata became submerged under water with the creation of Falcon Dam and Lake. Over 600 families were displaced and most if not all of the buildings, primarily of public use were blasted away. One that brings nostalgia to those who remember is the kiosko that stood across from the county courthouse. Many memories are tied to it: from kids running up and down its stairs; the bands that played their hearts out on Sunday afternoons to the marriage proposals that were beginnings to now prominent families in the community. The ambitious project will not only bring back memories but will enhance the arboretum area of the museum.

The Museum has contracted Premier Engineering of Laredo to recreate as close as possible the original structure based on existing photographs."Many will remember the many happy times they had when they see it realized," said Amparo Montes-Gutierrez, curator of the museum. It is the vision of the board and members to bring it to fruition and will start "Claim a Piece of our Past" Campaign by selling engraved bricks to fund the project. Bricks will go on sale during the Zapata County Fair. The Museum will have a booth where orders can be placed onsite and online.

For more information call ZCMoH at (956) 765-8983