Minutes of March 5, 2016


Regular meeting of the Nuevo Santander Genealogy Society was held in the Classroom Building of the Zapata County Museum of History on Saturday, March 5, 2016.  The meeting was called to order at approximately 2:25 p.m. by President Dr. Hildegardo E. Flores.  Minutes and secretary’s report were approved as read by Maria C. Villarreal, Secretary, on a motion made by Mr. Fernando Flores / Seconded by Mrs. Viqui Uribe.  Treasurer’s report was submitted by Guadalupe J. Villarreal, Jr.,Treasurer and was approved as presented, on a motion by Dr.  Del Shumway/ Seconded by Mrs. Viqui Uribe.

Committee Reports were presented as follows:

  • Mr. Anselmo Treviño, Jr., Membership Chairman, reminded members to renew their memberships for the year 2016. Mrs. Amparo Montes- Gutiérrez in the absence of Mr. Jorge Montes, III reported and updated the group on the publication of the journal and of its contents. Mrs. Amparo Montes-Gutiérrez followed with updates on programs and hospitality. She also suggested having a committee meeting in reference to the cook book. Dr. Hildegardo E. Flores welcomed any suggestions on future speakers.
  • There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.
  • The speaker for March was Mr. Guadalupe Jose Villarreal Jr., a member of the Nuevo Santander Genealogy Society.  Mr. Villarreal is an avid historian who has been doing family search for over twenty years taking over the work that his grandfather, Mr. Enrique Villarreal, had started.  Along Mr. Villarreal’s presentation he shared his research experiences, techniques, resources, and his extensive collection of original documents which support his findings.  He also shared his genealogy and family history. 
  • Dr. Hildegardo E. Flores presented Mr. Guadalupe Jose Villarreal, Jr. speaker of the day, with a Certificate and gift in appreciation for his presentation.

Meeting adjourned promptly at 2:55 p.m.
Next meeting:  Saturday May 7, 2016


Respectfully submitted:
Maria C. Villarreal
April 2, 2016